Inspire. Be Inspired.

Ever think you are just one person and that one person cannot make a difference? The Voice of Truth tells us a different story. Pop over to the blog Lisa Harris and I co-write:

She just posted an incredible interview with Pam Cope, a woman God has called to make a difference in the lives of children who have no voice. While you’re there, take a moment to watch the video. Note the setting contrast between the calm lake waters and the ugly human trafficking trade and the horrible things that happen to children just beneath its placid surface. That, my friends, is a setting contrast that will curdle your stomach and hopefully inspire you to get involved in whatever it takes to shine the light of Christ into the darkest corners of our world.

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Wife. Mother. Writer. Acting Coach. Director of Dallas International Performing Arts Academy.
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1 Response to Inspire. Be Inspired.

  1. Julie Marx says:

    I read/listened to the account with tears in my eyes. Thanks for highlighting it.

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