Direct Your Own Show

I got to spend a day with a Dallas stage costume designer, Eric Criner. I’m anxious to share what I learned.

Before he pulls any costume pieces from the rack or starts to build costume pieces specific to a particular show, he gauges the director’s concept of the show.

When we’re writing a story, basically we’re writing a show.

As the author, you are the director. What is your design concept of the show? Is it contemporary? Is it historical? Is it a western? Silhouettes, are always changing…especially for women. Compare westward expansion days to the 1950s. Frontier life required durable fabrics and no-frills styles. During the 1950s, the war was over, many women quit their jobs and stayed home, and fabric was more accessible.

Take a minute and figure out the concept of your show before you pull something off the rack and slap it on your characters’ backs.

Stay tuned. I’ll share more from Eric’s costume shop.

About lynnegentry

Wife. Mother. Writer. Acting Coach. Director of Dallas International Performing Arts Academy.
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2 Responses to Direct Your Own Show

  1. Good one, Lynne.
    Dress for the part!

  2. Julie Marx says:

    Eagerly waiting to hear more.

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