Show don’t tell.

For a character to leap from the page, the successful author submits their character to a series of little choices that result in the BIG change or character arc.

Here’s how it works:

Professor Lonnie's First Day of Teaching

My husband had been the lead pastor on large church staffs for nearly 30 years. When church politics ended his tenure at that church, what to do next seemed a very daunting question. Well, I could tell you that he is now an adjunct college professor. (See the smile on his first day of school pic?) In the telling, transitioning from a lead pastor to a college professor seems like one big happy choice.

Actually, an extended seires of small, painful choices facilitated Lonnie’s reinvention.

Here’s showing you the little choices:

Lonnie sent out resumes. He rested. He volunteered on the local bike trail. He sent out a few more resumes. He started a church. He thought about sending out more resumes. He felt God calling him another direction and quit sending resumes. Lonnie decided to work on the church plant and try to supplement our income teaching as an adjunct college professor.

Little choices + More little choices = BIG CHANGE.

First Day of School Breakfast

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  1. garmonjulie says:

    I love reading this, Lynne and Lonnie. I’m thrilled both of you reinventing yourselves. What a life lesson for me today. Little choices + more little choices = big change! I love it. Needed to read this today.

  2. Lynne Gentry says:

    Thanks for dropping by today, Julie. Are you making little choices?

  3. hollywsmith says:

    I like that-yes, Lynne I could see as you showed. You’re teaching me! Thanks!

  4. Lisa Harris says:

    What a great example and so true for both our writing and our lives. Excited for Lonnie’s new venture.

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