Body Language Alters Perceptions

What body language communicates matters so much that the Dallas Morning News carried an article about GOP hopeful Mitt Romney placing a hand on the shoulder of Rick Perry during their last debate. The words between these two opponents will be lost, but the perceived impressions will linger with the audience forever.

In the 1992 Presidential debate, the camera caught George W. Bush looking at his watch. A tiny gesture that made him appear bored negated the power of his spoken word.

Zoom the camera in on your characters. Giving them a smirk, a stride, a shrug of the shoulder can alter the reader’s perception.

A picture worth a thousand words. Here’s one of some trick or treaters we had. I’d made my face up like a witch, which you can’t see because my back is to the camera.

Zoom in on little girl held by her grandmother. What does her face communicate?

About lynnegentry

Wife. Mother. Writer. Acting Coach. Director of Dallas International Performing Arts Academy.
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3 Responses to Body Language Alters Perceptions

  1. Julie Garmon says:

    Wonderful post, Lynne!! And the tricky thing is, most of us (unless we’re trained) can’t control our body language. Eeeeek–so whatever we’re feeling shows.

    I love this–especially the precious little girl’s expression.

  2. Julie Marx says:

    Love this post, Lynne. Thanks…again!

  3. Lynne Gentry says:

    To the Julies, thanks for chiming in. Do you have some characters you can aim the camera at? Make ’em twitch!

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