Oscar Nominations 2012

The Oscar Nominations came out today. Don’t you know the designers are lining up, salivating over who gets to dress who in what.

This year, there are some classy ladies in the running. Can’t wait to see what Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and Viola Davis are wearing.

Achieving that perfect red carpet look is probably harder on the actors than learning their lines. But they’ll do it. Why? Because something about glitz and glamour sure can make a girl feel pretty. I know I had fun getting all gussied up for this year’s Pulpwood Queen’s Pretty in Pink Prom in Jefferson, TX.

Kathy Patrick, Tiajuana, Lynne Gentry, Kellie Gilbert on the red carpet in Jefferson, TX

Who’s dress are you dying to see at this year’s Academy Awards?



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  1. hollywsmith says:

    Love it you hambones!

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