7 Authors Post a Teaser Test

Today, Kellie Coates Gilbert, author of MOTHER OF PEARL, Abingdon Press, September 2012, invited me to participate in a Blog Teaser.  She said I had to do this:

1.  Go to the 77th page of my book or current WIP.

2.  Count down 7 lines.

3.  Copy the 7 sentences that follow, and post them.

4.  Tag 7 other authors.

So, here goes with an excerpt teaser from REINVENTING LEONA, Tyndale 2011:

A familiar ache throttled Leona’s heart as she watched her daughter put her head down against the wind and set off for the limo in the far corner of the deserted parking lot.

The Harpers had been the first ones to arrive at the church building and the last ones to leave for so many years that the sight of a lone car seemed natural. Leona couldn’t have identified the kind of car anyone drove, except for Howard and Maxine Davis. And she only knew their car because every Sunday, the Cadillac dealer parked his current demo model right in front of the glass foyer doors in the spot marked Visitor Parking Only.

It galled J.D. that the chairman of the elder board insisted that having the visitor spot filled with such an impressive ride would entice those of considerable means inside the church doors.

On the sin of pride, the pastor was not one to turn the other cheek. So J.D. had taken to parking the Harpers’ rusted-out minivan in the very next slot, where he had Cotton erect a homemade sign that read Pastor Parking Only, even though they lived right across the parking lot and had no need to drive the van to church.

There you have it … an excerpt from REINVENTING LEONA. Now I’m tagging some 7 other great authors you won’t want to miss. Check out their stories and enjoy.

Lisa Harris

Elizabeth Goddard

Judy Christie

Michelle Stimpson

Diana Prusik

Lisa Buffaloe

Julie Garmon


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12 Responses to 7 Authors Post a Teaser Test

  1. Julie Garmon says:

    This is fun, Lynne. Okay, I only have one line on page 77. I’ll go with page 76.

    This is from my WIP, Hair on the Square.

    I wanted to argue–tell him rain would ruin his expensive jacket, but the manly smell of leather shut me up real fast. Power and muscle and strength stirred with rugged confidence. Hank zipped the giant jacket to my throat. He threw his leg across his bike, sat down, and steadied it. “Come on baby. Let me take you for a ride.”

    “If it wasn’t raining, I’d never be–”

    He cranked the engine. Balancing on the foot peg, I did what he said. I climbed on back and scooched up close behind him. I tried my best to sit up perfectly straight without leaning into him. Without needing him.

  2. lynnegentry says:

    You post this on your blog. Then link their names. Thanks for weighing in. LOVE your lines. So want to read HAIR ON THE SQUARE.

  3. You are so fun, Lynne!

    (Julie I love your lines!!)

    Okay, I’m making an alteration to where my lines are found in the book. I went to the seventh page . 🙂 This is from my WIP — PRODIGAL NIGHTS. (Shameless self promotion…A finalist in the Women of Faith contest).

    Jason Ross paced in the lobby. Why couldn’t he have said something intelligent instead of standing there like an idiot in the gift shop?

    What was he thinking? God would never reward, or trust, him with someone like her. Not with his past wild years. He believed in God’s grace and knew he was forgiven, but surely for someone that amazing, he’d have to do ten years penance in some obscure country ministering to headhunters.

    He turned toward the emergency room to check on his co-worker—a human accident waiting to happen. Warren Carver’s latest fiasco involved cutting through the power cord with hedge-clippers. Thanks to a surge protector, he wasn’t electrocuted. But from there, how on earth could someone with a genius IQ get mauled by a weed-whacker?

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  5. Gwen says:

    I know of a pastor who did things like this to attract church-goers. This is fun, Lynne! Thanks for posting. I stole the “teaser test” for my blog too, ha ha. 🙂

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