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Mastering Body Language Earns a Best Actress Nomination

Today, in the Dallas Morning News movie critic Chris Vognar reviewed Glenn Close’s Oscar nominated performance where she plays a man secretly living as a woman in order to earn a steady wage in the harsh 19th-century Irish economy. Since we … Continue reading

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Oscar Nominations 2012

The Oscar Nominations came out today. Don’t you know the designers are lining up, salivating over who gets to dress who in what. This year, there are some classy ladies in the running. Can’t wait to see what Meryl Streep, … Continue reading

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Beauty Queens May Age, But They Never Really RETIRE their TIARAS

I can’t tell you how excited I was to dust off my old tiaras for the Pulpwood Queen’s Girlfriend Weekend. I have three tiaras … all of them won years ago. (Miss Kansas FFA being the biggest … impressive, right?) Pulpwood Queens … Continue reading

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3 Things to Know about Dressing Historical Characters

Thrilled to have guest blogger and friend, historical writer Cathy Richmond. Susannah had long ago given up on marriage. So when her parents died and her pastor sent her west to marry his brother, she wasn’t thinking like a new … Continue reading

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Impact of the Power of 3

Why does the Power of 3 impact our reader? According to Rebecca McClanahan, the author of one of my favorite writing tools, Word Painting, sensory details penetrate the layers of our consciousness. The better the writer is at providing those … Continue reading

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The Power of 3

Don’t want to take the time or trouble to write costume descriptions for your characters? Using the Power of Three, you can costume your characters with three words. All you need to consider is the color, fabric, and structure of … Continue reading

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Making the Shoe Fit…

Here’s a costume/setting question from one of my readers. Maybe this will help in our discussion of contrasting your character with the setting. Reader: I think shoes matter–especially on a protag. They can reveal a lot about a character. My … Continue reading

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