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*Author Video Interview


*Author Radio Interview with Lisa Buffaloe at Living Joyfully Free

Living Joyfully Free

*Author Blog Radio Interview with Michelle Stimpson: Why I never wanted to marry a preacher.


*Gate Beautiful Blog Show 3/15/12 Gate Beautiful Blog Show

  *Author Interview on Blog Talk Radio with John Gaessler 7/8/11:


*Author Characterization Teaching Video


*Author Road to Publication Video


*Reinventing Leona Performance Sample:

Leonna Harper monologue audio sample


Lynne Gentry knew marrying a preacher might change her plans. She didn’t know how much ministry would change her life. This author of numerous short stories and dramatic works travels the country as a professional acting coach and inspirational speaker. Lynne lives in Dallas with her husband Lonnie and counts spending time with her two grown children and their families her greatest joy.

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