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HUNGER GAMES … Book or Movie?

Figures are in. HUNGER GAMES leapt from the page to the stage and grossed $19.7 million at the midnight premiere. Suzanne Collin’s story of the spunky underdog who takes on the elite class stirs opinions. One of the biggest debates is: … Continue reading

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3 Lessons from the HUNGER GAMES

I think March Madness should include the much anticipated movie HUNGER GAMES. Author Suzanne Collins has to be beside herself with excitement to see the words she penned take the stage. But Collins did such a spectacular job of writing, … Continue reading

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Oh, No. Not Davy Jones.

Was saddened to hear the news that my teen heartthrob died. I loved Davy Jones. And although I never met him … I was certain he was in love with me. Amazing how some characters become bigger than life. Ebenezer … Continue reading

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3 Ways Writers can Persuade a Reader

I watched this video of a blind, Autistic boy sing “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and bawled like a baby. Why? This child’s faith, his determination, his joy at life tapped my pathos. His struggles made an emotional connection with me. I … Continue reading

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