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Setting + Costumes = Stronger Characters

In theater, setting and costumes help the audience visualize the characters. There’s an art to choosing the perfect furniture piece or costume color. People who are good at dressing a show get paid a lot. Writers can use the same … Continue reading

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Setting as Character

About five years ago, I got the chance to go to New York to see my first Broadway show. I bought tickets to see 42nd Street. As the orchestra tuned, I fidgeted in my seat. The house lights went down. … Continue reading

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A Little Dab Will Do Ya

GUEST POST FRIDAY. Read what writer Jennifer Slattery has to say about the details of characterization. I must have a very short, easily distractible attention span. Hand me a newspaper and I’ll have it read in ten minutes. Jennifer-read, that … Continue reading

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Turning Setting into Character

I try to use all of my senses when describing a setting, and try to think of everything that would impact a character in any given scene. ~Mercedes Lackey, fantasy author One of my readers sent these lines for transforming … Continue reading

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Setting as Character

What [setting] never is, at least not in a good production, is a series of pretty pictures in front of which the actors pose and declaim. You need to use your setting for all it’s worth. Otherwise, it’s dead weight. … Continue reading

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Making the Shoe Fit…

Here’s a costume/setting question from one of my readers. Maybe this will help in our discussion of contrasting your character with the setting. Reader: I think shoes matter–especially on a protag. They can reveal a lot about a character. My … Continue reading

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Inspire. Be Inspired.

Ever think you are just one person and that one person cannot make a difference? The Voice of Truth tells us a different story. Pop over to the blog Lisa Harris and I co-write: oneextraordinarygod.blogspot.com She just posted an incredible … Continue reading

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